2013 Parent/Guardian Volunteer Participation

The board would like to THANK the coaches and team moms who volunteer their time for every hour of practice and every hour of game time and many hours in between.  This is an incredible commitment that is made each year and the organization is appreciative for all that you do.

In addition, the board would like to thank the parents and guardians, in advance, for their help in every moment that they contribute to our season.

There is a volunteer requirement of 3 jobs per season/per participant (4 jobs/per participant for those families in our scholarship program). If there is a particular position that you enjoy serving and you would like to fill that position for the entire season, that would be welcomed. Please let us know before the league schedule is posted, when we open the slots, and we will be happy to fulfill your request.

Each of the board members have been/are the parent of a participant. We understand that volunteer jobs can interfere with the ability to watch your child's game. There are some volunteer postion that actually allow you on the field to see you child's game from a better vantage point and there are other squad games that need volunteers which would open up the time of your own child's game. Child on A-Squad? Volunteer to work concessions during the C-Squad game. Please keep this in mind when making your selection and see the job description listing for more information.

The league schedule is posted, GO HERE to submit a form to volunteer for your positions. Positions will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis Check the volunteer schedule to confirm your psoiton has been filled as requested. If someone has already selected the position for the particular game, we will ask you to select again.

We need all postions filled before the first game.  The board does not want to have to select positions for you, so please help us by making your selections early.

Thank you, again!